10 Oct 2014


Hi all. I thank you for your wonderful comments unfortunately blogger is playing up again and is not letting me leave comments to any blog, I cannot even load my new DT badge in my sidebar.  I have reverted to Google + which I am not happy about but it still makes no difference a blank white box comes up, if I try to reload/refresh I get frozen out.  I have been trying all day to visit you all to no avail, I have rebooted the computer about 3 times so far.  I have also heard that some rather crude pop ups are appearing on my blog which is so upsetting, I have actioned my Malware programme that removed a few threats I have also actioned scans by Norton.  I am thinking of deleting this blog and starting again from scratch, I use Google Chrome but will try one more time with Explorer maybe that will help.  I am thinking that Wordpress may be my only answer to this ongoing, frustrating situation.  i really hope to see you soon. hugs xxx


Sue said...

I'm having the same trouble Lorraine its so maddening! I used google but I've managed to get onto your blog using internet explorer hope you get sorted soon huggles Sue xxx

Carol said...

Funny enough after all my troubles lately mine has worked fine all day...touching wood and crossing fingers! Carol x

Dawn LL said...

How frustrating, and yes I did get a pop up when I came here. Isn't it crazy how those things work?
I was so glad to see you leave a comment on my post. I lost all my feed settings from my blog following last year. Hope your doing well sweetie.

Craftin Suzie (Susan Flynn) said...

Hi Lorraine this morning its Putin and Hitler!! Here's the link:http://crimeaggme.crimea.ua/index.html
Have you tried leaving a message on the Blogger forum there are some really helpful people on there. I once had a problem where people couldn't get onto my blog and someone sorted it for me very quickly. It turned out to be a blinkie thing I had put on my sidebar. Hope you get it sorted, hugs Susan x

KraftyKoolKat said...

Hi sweetie, I hope you get it sorted soon. I hope you don't go over to Google + as I have found on my DT commenting that I can't leave comments if the entries belong to that. They keep asking me to join to leave a comment. Which I don't want to do. I am Google Chrome and seem cross fingers to be okay.

Crafting Queen said...

Hope you get it sorted soon.

MagsB said...

Mr Blogger is being such a pain! He seems to be throwing a tantrum at Mr Chrome!

My 'son in law' warns me that there are problems between Norton and the recent update to Windows Defender, which made me unable to get onto the Net at all. I hope that doesn't happen to you, but I thought you might find this titbit useful if you encounter problems!

love Mags 'I don't know anything about computers I just do what David says' B x

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