2 Jul 2009

Hi this is just a very quick post but I will be back later I just wanted to ask if you like my second new banner from Lisa (I love it) and my new semi-customised background from Gracie. I have yet another semi-custom background to come with another new banner which will make three in all this means I can alternate when I want to. If you are a regular visitor to my blog then you will know that I am always changing the background and headers so much so it makes some of you giddy lol. Well you can rest assured that from now on I will only be using one of my three new banners and new backgrounds and I will be keeping my signature tag as well.

Just a question to see if anyone can help I am having trouble rearranging my sidebar elements. I click to drag as I have always done but they will not go where I want them I have even tried deleting some of the pictures and things just in case I had to many but even that has not helped. When I click to move something down the page it just reverts back to where it was and this has been happening for a few weeks now so has nothing to do with my new look any help would be more than welcome.


Kim said...

Ooooo, this is so very pretty! Don't you feel so pampered and spoiled? I would...what an awesome inspiration you are to us!

eiyiyi said...

I love this new background and banner. It's gorgeous!

Hate to state the obvious but I know I've forgotten to hit save after I've moved some of my gadgets. sometimes mine will move down or up a few spaces. the I have to move them again. It's the sidebar demons at work again!

hugs, eileen

brenda said...

Evening Lorraine, I go on sick leave for a week and when I come back it's all change. But loving the new look, you have been really busy - by day and night by the sounds on things - you must get your sleep in though, addictive as this blogging and crafting may be.

B x

Sandie said...

Beautiful Blog Lorraine, I love it, in fact this is my favourite.
Re your query, this has happened to me many times when I've attempted to move an element too far in one go. I now move stuff in stages until I get it to where I want it.
Hope thayt helps.

Hugs Sandie xx

Beryl (bik59) said...

I love your banner and your background Lorraine. I know this is probably a lame question to ask, but are you hitting the save button after rearranging you sidebar.
Beryl x

Linnie said...

just a stunning background lorraine i need a new header for the template blog i am starting up just trying to think one up

Christine said...

Another beautiful Banner from Lisa and I hear No3 is on it's way, are you greedy or what LOL LOL LOL.
Can I be nosey and ask how or where you got your new signature from?
Being able to personalise our own blogs is so good.
Love, Hugs & Speak soon, hopefully
Christine xx

Lorraine A said...

Gorgeous blog !!!! Just gorgeous !!! :-)

Lorraine x x


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