27 Jun 2009

Proudly Presenting

I just couldn't wait I just had to show you all my gorgeous new banner made just for me, I love it so much it is everything I had wished for and more. The lovely, lovelyLisa created this just for me and I can keep it .........forever. I am having a little trouble believing that this is my new banner I am awestruck (if there is such a word lol). I believe that Lisa has a gift that transfers our personality into these banners with just a few descriptions of our likes and dislikes, it is amazing.If you haven't visited Lisa's blog yet please, please you must do so she is so talented.

Before I started blogging and getting to visit and know you I was not good at showing emotion it stayed bottled up inside, maybe because I have been hurt in the past and as the saying goes once bitten.....Well you have all made my emotions start to flow again you may feel I am being soppy but no. I know sometimes some may feel my comments are a bit OTT but not to me I am for the first time beginning to show and say how I feel about your creations and no I didn't swallow a dictionary lol. It is in my heart and I just love beautiful things which is why my craft cupboard and stamp holders are bursting at the seams lol.

It is a real pleasure to have Lisa and all of you as my blogging friends.

Hugs to all.


Allissa (Lisa) said...

awww Lorraine, what can I say to this wonderful post & the beautiful email you sent me. I am very touched that I have been able to make you happy. Bless your loving heart. It is all I ever want to do is make people happy & be a good friend.

Enjoy your friends hunni as we enjoy you.

Love n Big Hugs too!


Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW Lorraine, I love it, what a brilliant blog banner you now have, It is fabby. I am like you with all the friends I have made over the last year, it feels like we are one big family, Take Care, Hazelxox

scrapperjulia said...

I love your banner, she did a great job on it and your personality does shine through it!

Nicola said...

Yoúr new header and background are gorgeous Lorraine, Lisa has done you proud.
Donna has just made me a whole new page for me so come and check it out and let me know what you think - a real "Flutter By" page woo hoo.
Nicola -x-

Lorraine A said...

Oh wow Lorraine :-) I lOVE your banner !! Gorgeous !!! Am sure you re thrilled with it :-)

I am so happy that you've found us all to be a friendly bunch :-) I think blogland is fab and would love to meet everyone !!

I love your comments Lorraine :-) I always feel that they are written from the heart :-)
Thanks and I am glad to have you as a blog buddie :-)

Enjoy your weekend :-)
Lorraine x x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

holy moly girl! this IS gorgeous! i love, love, love it and it goes fabulously with the rest of your page! wooooo hoooo!

P.S. you know I LOVE YOU!


Pinkllilac said...

Beautiful words Lorraine and love your banner.
Hugs Linda

Sandie said...

Very,very nice Lorraine and very special too. I've not known you for very long so I don't know that much about you. I was saddened to read about the way you used to feel. I, for one think you are one terrific lady, I also count you as one of my dearest friends and its been my pleasure to have met you.Long may our friendship continue.
Love Sandie xx

eiyiyi said...

I already left a comment on the new banner, which is way fabulous, on your card post. I always love to receive your comments. I, too, am so glad for all the new friends I've made. Especially you.

eileen xoxo

blackdragon said...

love your banner... love your comments when you leave them on my blog.... you have given me so much encouragement in the short time i've been blogging... i am proud to be a blogging buddy of yours and i'm pleased that you can now say what you truely feel.
LOVE & HUGS lynx

Lynne said...

Lorraine, I love your new banner. I wish I could do these things but I'm still learning about blogging and doing the posts takes me all my time but I'm improving. I get Suzanne to do my photos and I think she's getting a bit fed up with me! I'm going to buy a really good camera and some chocolates to sweeten her up a bit!! She loves Thornton's chocolate caramels. One day I'll have a lovely banner and all the nice touches you've got, your blog is a pleasure to visit. Your little pocket card is beautiful. What a lovely idea for a wee pressie for someone special.


Maria Matter said...

aw, you're making my eyes water! Your header looks fabulous! Your whole blog looks fabulous!!!
You're a lovely person Lorraine and you deserve all the love & good things that come your way!
{{squishy hugs}}
Blessings, Maria

theneon said...

WOW! Thanks for sharing your feelings. Isn't it nice to have such great "blogging friends?" and especially ones who share the same love of art! Your new banner is just amazing -- I've been wanting to fix up mine and I might get up enough courage to try Lisa out to see what she can do for me. My craft cupboard is also bursting at the seams and spreading out into other areas of the house. LOL

Spyder said...

Love your new header!! Please pop over to my blog I have a little something for you

Dena said...

Lorraine! I do appreciate your very sweet comments that you leave me. Thank you so much. You make my day!!! Hugs to you, Dena

lindal said...

Wow! I love the new look. It is soo pretty. I also loved your post. You post from your heart. I always look forward to your comments on my blog. You are a loyal friend who makes me feel good about what I love to do. Thank You!

lindal said...

Wow, I love the new look. It is so pretty. I also love you post. You post from your heart. I look forward to the comments you leave me on my blog. They always make me feel good about what I love to do. Thank you for being a wonderful blog friend.

Beryl (bik59) said...

Your banner is fabulous Lorraine, and like you, cannot believe how many blogging friends I have. I feel a bit guilty at the moment because I am not posting as often as I should. Can't seem to get the old mojo in gear
Beryl x

Allissa (Lisa) said...

OMG Lorraine, how perfect is this background!! you've nailed it there sweetheart. Im jealous now lol may have to re do mine as I have no requests for banners at the moment. I love doing them.
I shall email you in a bit poppet.

Love & Hugs


Dazie said...

Banner is stunning I love it! Your background is gorgeous too!!

Bethanne said...

Lorraine, your new banner is absolutely gorgeous and I love your new background too. They suit your beautiful personality and lovely creations so well! ((hugs))

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lorraine, Lisa has certainly done herself proud with the banner as it definitely suits you to a T. I glad you didn't mind my comments last week about when you changed your blog and I had difficulty in reading it. This is perfect and such lovely colours.

As for your comments, like you, I have been in touch with such lovely people in the blogging world. I lack self-confidence, even more so since I've been ill, but people in the blogging world provide such a wonderful support. I have thought about giving up cardmaking/my charity work on numerous occasions but the comments I get and the support I can give to others either it be craft-wise or personally-wise gives me the incentive to carry on.

Best wishes, Kym xxx

julietk said...

The banner and background are fab
you big soppy, lol juliet


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