8 Apr 2009

Jojo is Ok

Thank you once again for your concern shown over Jojo and me and I would like to tell you that Jojo is back to normal and is enjoying being fussed. The culprit was a BEE who had stung him on his rump and apparently animals turn over like Jojo did to try and dislodge the sting. We are both happy bunnies again lol. Hugs to you all.


Lorraine A said...

Oh I didn't see your ealier post :-( poor Jojo being stung :-( I am glad that it wasn't anything more serious though,he obviously gave you a good fright !!
Lorraine x x

Sheena said...

Great news! Glad to hear it!

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ouch poor Jojo. Glad that he is on the mend now though. Bet he is a happy bunny again. Love Hazelxox

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Poor JoJo. It's not fun being stung by a bee - person or animal! Glad he's better!


Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Glad to hear JoJo is better. It's amazing what trouble the bee caused. Best wishes, Kym

Beryl said...

So glad to here Jojo's fine. It's such a shame they can't tell us at the time isn't it?
Beryl xx

Lora said...

Glad to hear Jojo is ok. Poor bunny can't be much fun having a bee sting your bum!! Before I moved back to Aberdeen we ran a rabbit rescue at our home and at one point we had 42 rabbits! But I loved every single one of them and it was heartbreaking to see any of them hurt or ill :(
Hugs Lora xx

ant me. said...

I'm sorry that happened and you were sad! but I am so happy he is OK now!!

(((Hugs))) Patti


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