4 Apr 2009

Hello Dear Friends

I don't know if you missed me but you may have noticed I haven't been around this past week. It wasn't by choice that's for sure lol. The weather has been so glorious here in Glos that I decided to do some gardening on Tuesday it actually turned out a busy day for me because I also did the washing and also bathed my dog Polo. Anyway you know what some of us are like when we want something done it has to be done now well that is me and I had some very heavy pots I wanted repositioned and to get it done I did it myself and oooooo am I paying for it. The next day I could not move I had pulled all the muscles in my back and all down my right side so it was take it easy time. I already have a bad right arm and wrist and should have known better. I could not make cards or sit at the computer it was take the pain killers and try and get in a comfortable position. It has got much easier now and I was able to make the card in the posting below so I hope to be back to normal soon. I must say I have soooo missed visiting your blogs and leaving comments on your gorgeous creations so I think I will have lots to catch up on. Hugs to you all Lorraine x.


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Yes! You were very missed! Owwwww owwww owwy! You poor thing. I feel your pain - as I am the same way ... now or never!

Hope you're feeling better real soon!


Hazel (Didos) said...

Hi Lorraine, You silly cookie. Ouch, there is nothing worse than a sore back as it affects everything. Glad you are on the mend.
Love the card you have made. We have had a busy week too so not done much craft wise.
Take Care and look after yourself!!! Hazelxox

Kym's Crafty Cards said...

Lorraine, sorry to hear about your back troubles. I can't say anything as I'm like that. I have CFS/ME and can't do a lot of things but I try and then I can regret it for days with the pain. Think a lot of us are like that. Nice to see you back and blogging. Kym xx

Beryl (bik59) said...

Silly girl Lorraine. Watch what you are doing. I've had four ops on my back and still in constant pain, so please do take care of your back - you've only got one and when it goes it's a huge problem
Beryl x

Beryl said...

So sorry to hear you did yourself a mischief. I do hope you're back on top form soon. It grieves when I have to go out and do the garden. (Only since I've been making card I might add.)
The card below is lovely and well worth witing for.
Beryl xx

Sandie said...

Aw Lorraine, here's me thinking you'd gone off to sunnier climes, when all the time you've been hurting.
Hope you are on the mend my friend cos I miss you.

Hugs Sandie xx

Rita said...

Sorry to hear about your back Lorraine. Its so demanding and you really just have to give in to it at the end. Hope it gets better soon. Hugs Rita xxxx

Jacqui said...

Hope you continue to improve. I have always said - hard work is bad for you - get someone else to do it!!
Take care.
Jacqui xx (Calexico)

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about your back Lorraine, not done any crafting this week myself, no time LOL
Hope 'we' are both back to normal this week.
Love & Hugs
Christine xxxx


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