29 Jan 2009

Ive been tagged

Well lovely Stef has tagged me and the rules of this is to go to your 6th folder and pick the 6th picture and then explain the picture. Well I don't think this needs much explaining and if James (my son) knew I had put this on my blog for all to see I think he would not be a happy bunny. I took this picture when James was about 8 months old and having a bath. I had bought the safety thing that he sat in to make sure he wouldn't fall and doesn't he look lovely. He grew up to hate water but now he swims like a fish. Now I have to choose six more bloggers to tag so here goes.

Christine, Alison, Suzanne, Chrissie, Beryl (Bik's home), Irene.

I will now leave a message for them so that they can now do the honours.

Lorraine x


Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

I'll just bet he's all grown up now, too! Aren't mothers great!

Christine said...

Lorraine, well, I now have to figure out what 'tagging' is all about.
I love James' image, so cute, hope he doesn't see it. LOL
Christine xx

Chrissie said...

Fab picture Lorraine (bless him!) I hope he doesn't do you an injury now LOL!
I'll add this to my blog later today.

Wendi said...

He's a cutie

iReneM said...

What a little cutie. It is so good to look back on pics like this, isn't it.
OK, so I'm on your hit list, you rascal :-)
I dread to think what my pic is, LOL


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